Be ready to discover amazing new technologies that influence the way we perceive the world and its cultures. From revolutionary AI to an incredible 3D dining experience, the second episode of Culture Shock will travel through this fascinating universe!

Join us at 5pm on November 12th




Sebastien Duchateau - Producer Episode 2

Sebastian is a strange and interesting character. He studied Business Engineering for 5 years, on how science could enhance profitable business at the University of Louvain. He did this all without attending one single class. He spent one year in Colombia with local tribes within various jungles to try and understand their culture. Afterwards Sebastian was a salesman within the USA for 6 months, traveling states, living in hotels, ultimately trying to convince the most prestigious hospitals to buy a Swiss genetic platform. Finally, he has decided to express what he thinks about life by becoming a TV producer. Thanks to the National Film and Television School, he is now working on a few crazy student TV projects!


Vicky Swain-Director Episode 2

From working in a cinema to graduating with a degree in Film and Television last year, Vicky has always been at home producing media. After learning studio practices on both drama and factual productions she has since focused her efforts on television and also worked on a variety of media and marketing teams within scouting – both at a local and national level including event photography and live-event filming. Most recently, Vicky produced a pilot for ‘The Witching Hour’, a new multi-camera paranormal show which explored local hauntings. She’s looking forward to trying out multi-camera directing for the first time on Culture Shock.